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Discount Tire Store
3123 NE 4TH ST, Washington, RENTON, 98056-4120


Store Overview

Stop by Discount Tire in Renton Highlands for all things rims and tires. We’re located on Northeast 4th Street just west of Monroe Avenue Northeast. Find us across from Renton Technical College, right next to U-Haul.

Our friendly experts are committed to world-class customer service and will quickly get your vehicle ready to hit the road. Come in for your free air pressure check and inspection! 

Our team performs efficient, precision work in our four service bays, including wheel and tire installation, rotation, balancing, repair and winter tire changes. Watch the fun from the waiting area in our showroom while you enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi. 

If you prefer to shop or grab something to eat during your service, we are near McDonald’s, Chevron, Jitty Kitty Closet, Vince’s Coffee, and Hoot Cob, among others.

We welcome walk-ins or schedule an appointment for your convenience! We also have a parking lot convenient for trailers.

And while you’re here, check out our guide on buying tires for use specifically in Washington.

-Manager, Renton Discount Tire

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