Tire installation

Tire Installation Cost Breakdown

No matter what you’re buying, no one likes add-on fees and unexpected costs – especially tacked on to the end of a big purchase.

After purchasing new tires, they have to be mounted onto a wheel using special machinery, balanced to make sure they spin smoothly and safely on the road. After all of that, they’re installed onto a vehicle.

After over 60 years in the business, Discount Tire has tire installation down to a science – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t hard work and elbow grease that goes into installing new tires and wheels. And on top of that, there are still some supplies that are needed to actually install a tire or aftermarket wheel.

While our technicians are highly experienced and trained on some of the most state-of-the-art tire installation hardware available, it’s no small amount of work!

Put simply, tire balancing and installation costs help us cover the cost of labor in a way similar to most automotive mechanics. The combination of time, physical labor and needed supplies all factor in to the installation fees noted during checkout online or in-store.

Tire Installation: Itemized Costs

The costs included in Discount Tire’s tire and wheel installation include:

Life of Tire Maintenance Service

Life of Tire Maintenance includes all labor and parts necessary to install or remove and replace a tire. The following are included:

Discount Tire’s installation fees vs. other tire shops

We know tire installation fees can be a drag, but we try to pass the most value on to our customers at every opportunity – in part by including these services for the lifetime of your tires in this one-time charge.

This isn’t always the case with other tire and wheel retailers, especially not if you’re thinking about ordering tires from an online-only tire retailer.

Because our online competitors don’t operate brick-and-mortar locations, you never know what you’ll get when you need to have the tires you ordered online installed with a third-party tire retailer or auto repair shop.

Installation prices can vary pretty drastically, and you’ll have to pay for any of the aforementioned tire maintenance services all over again each time in the future that you might need it.

At Discount Tire, our view on tire and wheel installation fees remains grounded in covering the cost of labor and supplies. Keeping your tires and wheels in as good a shape as possible over the life of their use is just one of the ways the one-time installation fees we collect goes a long way in offsetting itself.

To learn more about tire warranties, the road hazard coverage included in our “Certificates” program and more, browse our tips and guides or stop by your local Discount Tire today and we'll get you taken care of!

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