What tires should I buy for my 4Runner?

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Toyota 4Runner tires

Trims: SR5, SR5 Premium, Trail, Venture, TRD Off Road, TRD Off Road Premium, TRD Pro, Limited

About: If you just picked up a new Toyota 4Runner or it’s time to re-up on the rubber for your body-on-frame workhorse, 4Runner tires are a piece of cake. Looking to swap out your OE tires for something a little more capable? Whether you’re after decent ride comfort and city drivability for your SR5 or Limited or you want a set of aggressive all-terrain (or mud terrain) 4Runner tires that have the off-road chops you need when it’s time to lock your rear dif or use A-TRAC, we know the ins and outs of 4x4 Toyota tires. Overlanding gear, hardcore suspension mods, or you’re a proud mall-crawler, our 4Runner tire picks are here to get you back on the road (or trail).

Use: 70% city, 30% off-road

Budget: $$-$$$

4Runner tires - our recommendations

Recommendation #1 - Cooper Discoverer ATP

best 4Runner tires

The Cooper Discoverer ATP gets a lot of love across 4Runner forums – for a lot of reasons. It's a performer across virtually every level that matters to the 4Runner owner who daily drives their T4R, and lays down consistent traction both on and off-road, no matter the weather conditions.

With coupled tread elements in its silica-based rubber compound designed specifically for a comfortable around-town ride, this Cooper's aggressive shoulder keeps things in control on soft surfaces like sand and mud, while its intricate zig-zag siping not only makes the most out of any wet or winter driving situation, but might have you hoping for snow in the forecast.

One of the best things about the ATP that any 4Runner owner will love is that it's significantly less expensive than a lot of other all-terrain tires with 4Runner fitments while offering an indiscernible difference in off-roading performance.

We're frequently told by our 4Runner-driving customers that the Cooper Discoverer ATP also has a very long and even-wearing tread life. Bottom line: throw these on your 4Runner and use the savings to upgrade your rig even further.

Recommendation #2 - BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2

4Runner BFGoodrich KO2

Or, go with an all-time classic. The BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 (more commonly known as the "BFG KO2" or just "KO2") gets all the buzz that it does for a reason. Considered the gold standard of all-terrain tires, you'll instantly expand the places you're able to take your 4Runner if you throw a set of KO2's on it.

Available in classic white sidewall lettering or a sleek all-black, match it up with your 5th generation 4Runner's Super White or Midnight Black Metallic paint.

And when you get your truck soaked up to the doors in mud, the KO2 sports an aggressive mud and stone-ejecting tread design that also helps it cling to the roadway surface in heavy rain, sleet, snow or ice. Whether your 4Runner is equipped with KDSS or not, a set of these BFG's are probably the most impactful handling modification you can do to your truck.

In one easy step you can have the most jealousy-inducing 4Runner on your block, forum modification signature, or Instagram feed. Plus, if you're thinking about a lift or leveling kit down the road, we also have the KO2 and its more aggressive sibling, the BFG KM3 in all of its hi-flotation-sized glory if you’re looking to get the most out of your OE-sized 32-inch tires or upsized 32-inch tires (as well as if you’re thinking about moving up to a 35-inch 4Runner tire).

Recommendation #3 - Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

4Runner Limited tires

If you drive an SR5 or Limited trim-level 4Runner and do the lion's share of your driving around town, the Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza Plus is an incredibly capable light truck tire and one well worth considering.

Its Variable Tread Pitch Technology reduces tire noise and harshness at every speed, but it also has an 80,000-mile warranty (or about 1/10th of the average 4Runner's lifespan). We know reliability is the reason why many bought their Toyota 4Runner, so the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus won't dissapoint in this regard.

It's considered something of a premium tire that you might normally see on more expensive luxury SUVs, but that doesn't mean it can't get your 4Runner to and through some off-road adventures while making quick work of rain and light snow. Despite its reputation for a luxurious ride quality, it's also among the more affordable in this segment.

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