Beadlock Wheels

For hardcore performance, beadlock wheels are an absolute must for your off-roader or drag racer.

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From extreme rock crawling in your long travel or highly modified 4x4 to sending it in your ATV/UTV, off-roaders everywhere know of the superior performance of a beadlock wheel. 

They also come in your favorite and most trusted brands like Fuel, KMC, Method and Black Rhino to name a few.

And since we carry the largest inventory of aftermarket wheels in the industry, you can rest assured that you’ll find the beadlock wheels you’re looking for.

Beadlock Rims

Make no mistake: beadlock wheels are for all-out capability and performance. If there’s a need to air down to extremely low PSI and lock up your differential(s) to find all the traction you can in your off road Jeep, beadlock rims are hands down the best option.

Ready to get out there? Give your rig the best chance to overcome obstacles like boulders and extreme inclines with the Method MR105 Beadlock, which uses a true beadlock system for airing down. It looks pretty awesome, too. 

If you prefer the simulated beadlock look instead, check out the Black Rhino Primm, a rugged off roading wheel that comes without the maintenance of a true beadlock rim. 

Not seeing the specific beadlock you’re after? We can special order any wheel out there and match any price. Just contact your nearest store and we’ll get right on it!

ATV/UTV Beadlock Wheels

Quads, 4x4s, side by sides and dune buggies: all of these can use UTV and ATV beadlock wheels to take you for an adrenaline-filled ride every time. These highly specialized vehicles need extra special wheels, and beadlock rims are a great way to safely and more efficiently overcome obstacles and rough terrain.

For an all around good option, turn to Method’s MR401 UTV Beadlock which offers popular UTV sizes, a variety of finishes and a sturdy 12 spoke wheel design on a true beadlock system. Another great option for your ATV is the GMZ Liteloc Beadlock, an 8 spoke design with several finish options that comes in popular 12 and 14 inch sizes.

If you’re ready to make a world-changing upgrade to your 4x4’s capability but want to see how a wheel will look before you buy, check out our wheel visualizer to help you choose the right wheels for your vehicle’s make, model and even OE paint color. 

While you’re at it, you might as well add some new tires! Check out Treadwell, a handy tool to help you pair the perfect tires for your driving needs to your new beadlock wheels. From there, you can build your own custom beadlock rim and tire package!

Don’t worry if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for: we can special order those hard to find beadlock wheels (and tires).

If you’re an adrenaline junkie with an itch to explore even the most difficult-rated trail, beadlock wheels are a must. Find the perfect beadlock for your vehicle here or give your nearest store a call today!